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The Everest Solutions Group is an international team of highly skilled engineers focused on providing technology solutions and services. We have a large portfolio of services that enables our customer to get connected and to spread their ideas.

We are engaged with fortune 500 companies as well as small start-ups to build engineering teams responsible for developing world-class products. The products our partners developed in cooperation with our team, have been awarded at several conferences, such as the CES.

We partner selectively with technology companies focused in AI and Machine Learning that in our eyes have a potential to be market leaders in their field. We unlock data within enterprise applications by taking them into Cloud and SaaS.

Our customers are globally the big players in Financial, Telecom, Networking, Health Care and Automotive Industries.


We connect the best
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AI & Machine Learning

We partner with companies that have developed solutions for connected home, connected work, wellness/eHealth, smart cities and smart transportation systems. 


We provide IT infrastructure and software services for telecom datacenters. We're looking for companies that develop products in the space of infrastructure, as well as baseband & network towers. 

Cloud Development & SaaS

Our customers are developing, testing, or deploying apps in the cloud. Many are facing performance issues between cloud-based applications and its on-premise systems as well as among multiple applications in the cloud. The secret of success is to have access to best practices solutions and technologies.

Our platform helps companies effortlessly move their enterprise applications to Cloud and turn them into Saas.

IOT, Robotics & Automation

In the near future, robotics and automation will have changed the world; intelligent devices can monitor events, fuse sensor data, local and distributed intelligence from multiple sources to determine a best course of action, to control and manipulate objects in the physical world, all while moving through the world physically.

We are looking for innovative solutions, where IoT technologies and robotic devices intersect to provide advanced robotic capabilities, along with novel applications, and by extension new businesses and investment opportunities.

Those who can imagine anything, can create the impossible.
— Alan Turing

Past Projects

  • Cisco Systems: IOT vertical solutions - Developing rapid application prototyping platform and use cases

  • AEGIS / PeopleSupport: Design and development of cloud platform for a global Contact Center supporting Fortune 500 clients

  • Centurylink: Native iOS & Android mobile apps for smart home control (integrated with IBM Watson)

  • Western Digital: My Cloud (Networking Utility Application)

  • Verizon: Asset Tracking Tags (Cloud-Based simulation app for managing Ultra Low Power tags)

  • Cisco Systems: MediaHub (Consumer storage product with award-winning user interface)

  • Cisco Systems: MediaHub app - 1st iPhone & Android Native applications developed for Cisco Consumer Group

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
— Arthur C. Clarke

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